Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tired of Hangovers? Try Rebound Now Today!

All around the world, it is not uncommon to have a few drinks at home to relax or at a party. But the side affects of drinking, such as upset stomach, headache, and drowsiness can make it seem pointless. Having a hangover the next day can seriously distract you from your daily tasks and make you feel miserable. So, what causes a hangover? 

Drinking induces a toxic substance in your body called “acetaldehyde” and is the major metabolite released by alcohol. Also, when drinking your body becomes dehydrated which worsens the problems and the next day you are left with a nasty headache and other ailments called a “hangover”.

 Rebound Now from Green Smart Living is the perfect solution to our hangovers because it saves the individual from all the bad side effects of alcohol. How does it work? It is a pill that is taken once before the first drink and has anti-acetaldehyde properties, which absorb these toxic substances at the cellular level. This helps to remove any toxic substances from the body. 

Rebound now works on a latest B4ONETM technology developed by Synergy Point. It is a mixture of ingredients that are safe as per US FDA. The reviews received have shown a very positive picture of the product with nearly 100% success rate. 

Although there are many benefits to this product, people must be aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption as well. People drinking more than 12 servings of alcohol should take 2 pills to avoid a hangover. The anti hangover pill will not protect or prevent diseases caused by alcohol consumption. If you have medical conditions or are worried about drinking alcohol, seek a doctor’s opinion beforehand. 

Apart from this unique anti-hangover product, GreenSmartLiving also has a variety of products to go with your modern and trendy lifestyle. Electronic cigarettes with different flavours, accessories, the e-cig starter kit, and refilled cartridges are a few of the other great products they carry. Also, the Protect Now stickers, which provide a safe and convenient way to protect you from harmful cell phone radiation, are sold on as well. 

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Take the Leap! Shift to E-Cigarettes.

There is a growing concern over the increasing number of people suffering from chronic aliments such as lung cancer, respiratory disease and heart disease because of smoking tobacco. For that reason, among others, e-cigs have become a easy, healthy, and quick alternative to traditional cigarettes. Also, with the rising awareness towards health and fitness people are finding e-cigs to be a great option for optimal health without all the risks tobacco has.

Why E-cigs?

1 Healthier alternative
E cigarettes do not leave behind any kind of tar or ash that is believed to be the key reason of respiratory diseases. There is no flame, or combustion of any kind, making them safer in every way.

2 No foul breath
 “Smoke” is actually a nicotine-based vapor and as a result it doesn’t leave behind any kind of stench or order. Instead, the e-cig user feels fresh after vaping.

3 Easy on pocket
 These are cost-effective in comparison to traditional cigarettes as one cartridge of e cigarette is equivalent to a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes. 

4 Available in various flavors                                                           
The electronic cigarettes come in variety of flavors. This way a person can make a choice from the large selection available. The sleek design and body of the kit adds additional style and personality. 

The sensation of inhaling the vapors in this similar to that of real cigarettes making it easy to make the leap and switch. An electronic cigarette store generally comes with some basic machinery that includes cartridge, an atomizer, and a rechargeable battery. A wide range of E-cigs are available online and can easily be ordered. Check them out today on  and start a new, healthier life. 

How To use E-cigarettes?


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Product Reviews Of Best Electronic Cigarette Brand.

Reviews of greensmartliving electronic cigarettes, one of the most renowned brands in the industry, will provide information on different kits and flavors available, and the smoking experience they provide.

 Smokeless cigarettes have changed the way people look at smoking. There has been a huge shift in consumer views towards e-cigs, and they are readily accepted now as alternative to smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. Looking through the electronic cigarette reviews is a great way to get useful information, especially for those who find it difficult to quit tobacco cigarettes, and are looking for best e-cig brand available.

There are many electronic cigarettes brands available in the market now, making it difficult for consumers to decide which is best for them. The electronic cigarette reviews of top brands & different kits available can help consumers find a brand that satisfies the urge to smoke a regular cigarette. Once decided, consumers can easily buy cigarettes online, as most of the brands have electronic cigarette online stores.

E-cigarettes reviews is a popular name in e-cigarettes and has variety of flavors and refill options that make it feasible for their customers. Also on this website, consumers will find a few other reviews that can help customers make the right decision.

You can see review for GSL at

Monday, 14 November 2011

Why E-cigarette is safe?

The major benefit of this cigarette is its non-polluting nature and no health problems. The smoke like vapor disappears in the air immediately after it is emitted, so it does not release any harmful substances that affect people around the smoker. Emitting smoke is the major reason to ban the traditional cigarette in public places like restaurants and parks. With this new product you can re-enter the non-smoking public and enjoy their company without breaking any law. Smokers found this feature very impressive and helped them to be social.

Electronic cigarettes contain fever harmful chemical elements that are largely found in traditional cigarettes. The isolated nicotine does not cause general health risks which are easily found among other tobacco cigarette smokers. The device has become popular in pubs and clubs with smoking ban. It is also known as quit smoking treatment which allows the smoker to quit smoking in steps.

Researchers and doctors have agreed that e-cigarette smoker is at lower risk compared other smokers. People who are trying to quit smoking stress on using it to make smoke free life and live without risk.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Why do I need Anti-Radiation Sticker?

Anti Radiation Sticker is very useful in our day to day life. These stickers are the best option to keep away EMF effects from your body. It is simple to use and maintain while using mobile phones. It provides 99.9% protection from the radio waves emitted from mobile phones.
The electromagnetic clutter is absorbed by the sticker and its interference is reduced significantly. The call quality is enhanced which gives a mental satisfaction for you. The sticker diverts the harmful energies from affecting your head and neutralizes your body from being affected by them. What else any frequent mobile phone user needs than complete protection from EMF.

You can also keep yourself safe from these problems by following some rules like limiting use of mobile phone, wearing air tube headsets, avoid calling while signal bar is low, and try to purchase a low SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) mobile phone.

Hence, buy an anti radiation sticker and live a problem free life with the healthy use of mobile phones.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Have you recently shifted to electronic cigarettes from the traditional tobacco cigarettes?If yes, you have faced the same question that most of the smokers face: How to refill an electronic cigarette? Compared to the conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes needs to maintained and refilled regularly. It combines disposal cartridge or refillable cartridge of nicotine. If you choose to refill your cigarette, it will save a bit of money you spend on purchasing new nicotine cartridge.

What are e-cigarette refilling methods?

Liquid cartridges are refilled in two ways: Drip Method and Injection Method.

  • Drip Method: This method requires lots of patience from you and concentration while filling the cartridge.You have to open up the nicotine cartridge and remove the polyester refilling inside the cartridge. Use a dropper to drop some drops into cartridge and place the polyester back on the tip of cartridge. Do not open the cartridge again till the liquid is soaked inside the cartridge. Make sure that the liquid is completely observed.You need to repeat this step for many times until the cartridge is filled with enough amount of liquid.

  • Injection Method:The best method to refill nicotine cartridge without wasting time and liquid is Injection Method. Using a syringe will avoid spreading liquid outside the cartridge and over the place. You can easily extract the e-liquid from any bottle and inject it into the cartridge in short time. We can use varieties of syringefor this method. Insert the needle into the cartridge and fill up the enough liquid. Put the rubber pack back on the cartridge; and put it back into the cigarette.

Nicotine refills are also categorised as per their level of nicotine. You can buy any cartridges which suits to your taste and nicotine strength level. Electronic Cigarette Refill -The nicotine content level in cartridges can be high, medium containing 24mg, 18 mg and 8 mg nicotine respectively. Some cartridges are without nicotine content. Smokers can regulate their nicotine intake and quit smoking easily with the help of these refillable ordisposal cartridges. Hence, e-cigarette refilling is no more a trouble for you; refill your cartridge as per your taste end enjoy healthy smoking.